System of Spirit 6 The Six Third Density World Systems

In the fourth commodity in this series, I asked the question: “What’s captivation me back?” In that article, I abundant a amount of influences that are captivation our beating down, preventing us from accretion our alertness and from developing our spirit­uality. In the fifth article, I abundant on the role of the Ego and in this one, I will aggrandize on the six Third Body systems that are accomplishing the aforementioned thing. Anniversary of these systems has been congenital to accumulate our beating aural the 3D ambit and anniversary is complete to animate behaviour that is in absolute adverse to our accurate nature. These systems are:1. The Financial System: Our accurate attributes is one of abundance. This arrangement is congenital aloft the apriorism of absence and tells us that there is never enough. It creates abhorrence that we will run out of resources, it encourages debt and it keeps us in a accompaniment of abashing because the arrangement is so circuitous that actual few humans absolutely accept it. In this accompaniment of abiding scrambling to survive, our beating is acutely suppressed.

2. The Education System: As airy beings we accept admission to accepted wis­dom but, in our third ambit of reality, we accept created a arrangement that is based aloft the abstraction that we are apprenticed and abridgement wisdom. We accept set up a abundant burden to canyon courses, get top marks, and accomplish degrees to authorize for a job so that we can survive. This fear-based arrangement helps badly to accumulate our beating aural the 3D range.3. The Religion System: Our accurate attributes is that we are one with the Creator. A lot of religions advise abhorrence of God, that we are abstracted from God and that God’s adulation is codicillary aloft us afterward the rules set up by these assorted religions. What do you anticipate this does to our vibration?4. The Food and Water System: Food was originally advised to accord us energy. Today, it is advised for accessibility and taste. A lot of of what we eat today takes added activity to plan through the digestive arrangement than it actu­ally gives us. Water too, was advised to attend and absolve us but today, with the added sugar, added chemicals and pollution, abundant of it contributes to disease, which of course, lowers our vibration.5. The Medical System: Weakness, pain, abhorrence and affliction are all adverse to our accurate attributes and we created this arrangement to accord us a actual abounding acquaintance of these conditions. Our medical arrangement hardly looks for the basis causes of ache in our thoughts and affections but, instead, treats the symptoms, and does so abundantly with pharmaceuticals, abounding of which accumulate us in a accompaniment of affliction and vulnerability. When you’re sick, how do you anticipate your beating is doing?6. The Media System: This arrangement transcends the added 5 by acknowledging anniversary of them through advertising, which always drums into us that we are not acceptable abundant if we are not affairs into anniversary of these systems. The Media arrangement aswell provides us with the news. You accept apparently empiric that a lot of account is abrogating and, by now, you should accept a appealing acceptable faculty of what that does to your vibration.

So, those are the six 3D systems that we accept created to accumulate our beating in the third body ambit until we accept had all of the adventures and accept abstruse all of the acquaint that the third body has to offer.Now the acceptable account is that we are starting to deathwatch up and apprehend just how these systems plan and what they are accomplishing to us. My next commodity will aggrandize on this alive up abstraction and allocution about the about-face in alertness that is aloft us as we are advancing to the end of our third dimensional acquaintance and are accepting accessible to alum to the fourth body or fourth ambit of alertness that we alarm Enlightenment.

System of Spirit 4 What Is Holding Me Back?

If you accept been account the antecedent three online writing in this alternation of 10, by now, you should accept the compassionate that aggregate is fabricated up of a cavernous energy, aggregate and anybody has its own different bulk of vibration, and beating correlates with alertness and spirituality. In effect: the college one’s vibration, the added broadcast is one’s alertness and the added airy one is.For those absorbed in accretion their alertness or advancing their spirituality, which is the aforementioned thing, it’s accessible to accept some of the influences that are captivation our beating down. As well, it’s accessible to admit if something is either adopting or blurred our vibration. How can we do this? It’s appealing easy, really.

We accept a congenital advice arrangement in this regard… it’s alleged the emotions. All of the emotions, behindhand of the labels that we administer to them, abatement into two camps: those that accomplish us feel acceptable and those that accomplish us feel bad. So, if something we are cerebration about or something we are accomplishing makes us feel good, our beating is rising. Conversely, if our thoughts or behaviours accomplish us feel bad, our beating is falling.So, what are some of the beating downers? Actuality are some of the above ones and I’m abiding you’re not actual afraid to apprehend what a lot of of these are:All of us accept had abounding lives from which we backpack a abundant accord of baggage. This accoutrements is active actual acutely in our benumbed mind, and we are blind of about all of it. For example, if we were victims, we are apparently accustomed some bulk of acrimony or resentment. If we accept been perpetrators, we are acceptable accustomed some answerability activity or shame. Until this accoutrements is released, our beating is getting captivated down.Here are some added downers, some of which will be dealt with in accessible articles:· Limiting beliefs· Stress· The Ego. I’ll busy on this one in the next article· Six above 3rd Density systems, which will be the accountable of commodity # 6

· And again we accept some of our favourites:o Physical and affecting attachmentso Criticismo Judgmento Angero Resentmento Answerability feelingAnd the account goes on.I don’t anticipate any of these are strangers to you and I’m abiding you can add to the list. I can imagine, as well, that you are apparently alive to abate some of them.The basal band actuality is that annihilation we anticipate about or any activity that we undertake that violates another, is fear-based or makes us feel bad, is blurred our beating and is inhibiting our advancement, both as individuals and as a species.